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Constance Lee & Company is standing by to cover your hearings in and around Pittsburgh.

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Trial Presentations

Constance Lee & Company is here to serve your trial presentation needs. We are excited to partner with you in an effort to maximize your ability to smoothly conduct your trial. Being in front of a jury is a dynamic experience, ever changing with the ebb and flow of testimony. Your ability to concentrate on the match should be your main focus.

Breaking Chains

As many of my clients know, I work both physically and financially in support of Breaking Chains. My husband and I donate every month and ask you to consider supporting this great cause.


Reliable, timely, and accurate, our court reporters provide the most professional service in Pittsburgh.
With decades of experience, Pittsburgh court reporters from Constance Lee & Company provide professional reporting services on the time frame that best suits you.


Talented and experienced court reporter can’t get to your office? No problem! Mobile depositions allow legal teams to work together remotely.
Attorneys can stay in their office while the court reporter and witness video live stream via Wi-Fi and video camera. That means we’re now able to serve clients across the country via remote depositions!


At Constance Lee & Company, we desire to see human trafficking eradicated from the streets of Europe and around the world.
We believe, with God's help, this vision will eventually become a reality. Click read more for more information!


Whether you're taking a deposition down the street or across the globe, our network of reporters is standing by. We're networked with thousands of court reporters that allows us to service our clients in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Constance Lee & Company provides Pittsburgh court reporting services and has covered more than 2,000 depositions

Constance Lee and Company has been in the Pittsburgh court reporting profession since 1987. In her almost 30 years, she has performed every aspect of a reporting service in Pittsburgh; delivering, transcript production, customer service, scheduling, sales and, of course, becoming a court reporter. It is within this experience where Connie has learned a great secret ‐ service and relationships are the key to success.

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  • District 4 Director of the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association
  • CART Service for hearing impaired at Allison Park Church
  • Frequent Guest Speaker at Community College of Allegheny County

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