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Talented and experienced court reporter can’t get to your office? No problem! Mobile depositions allow legal teams to work together remotely.


With decades of experience, Pittsburgh court reporting with Constance Lee & Company provides professional reporting services on the time frame that best suits you.

Constance Lee & Company provides Pittsburgh court reporting services and has covered more than 2,000 depositions


Constance Lee and Company has been in the Pittsburgh court reporting profession since 1987. With over 33 years of experience, Constance has performed every aspect of a reporting service in Pittsburgh; delivering, transcript production, customer service, scheduling, sales and, of course, becoming a court reporter. It is within this experience where Connie has learned a great secret ‐ service and relationships are the key to success. If you or someone you know could benefit from our Pittsburgh court reporting experience, contact us today!

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A Peak Behind the Court Reporting Methods In the Technology Age

By Constance Lee The idea that technology spells the end of the court reporting industry is a common sentiment in this day and age. That sentiment is rooted in misunderstanding. The court reporting profession is evolving, and technology is become a bigger part of the industry. Many attorneys are familiar with the court reporting end…

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Pittsburgh Trial Technician Services

The Importance of Digital Trial Presentations Recently, we talked about the importance of videography in trials and how it can help sway the jury in numerous different ways. Along the same lines, other forms of technology are becoming more widely available for use in courtrooms around the country. Utilizing those tools can easily make your…

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Walk the Walk by Constance Lee

In April 2018 I was a presenter at the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association annual meeting where my topic of discussion was running a debt-free business.  One of the key points I stressed to the attendees is that you must prepare for the worst; you must be ready when life shifts because it will shift.  Shift…

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Five Ways Your Court Reporter Is Killing Your Record – And How This Pittsburgh Reporting Service Can Help

1. Quality Pittsburgh Reporting Service  If your Pittsburgh reporting service is sending you less than stunning transcripts, it’s time to move on.  There just is no excuse. Quality is the first item on this list because it is the number one demand attorneys have of their court reporters. It is also the biggest complaint firm owners…

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How You Can Prepare For Your Next Deposition

How You Can Prepare For Your Next Deposition We’re all human and we make mistakes. When it comes to taking a deposition, it’s important the court reporter is as prepared as they can be so errors are minimized. Often overlooked because they’re the quietest person in the room, they’re also among the most important. Here’s…

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Becoming a Member of the The Academy of Trial Lawyers

Becoming a Member of the The Academy of Trial Lawyers In 1958, a post-war increase in litigation and the growing number of automobiles on the road led to a judicial system that was in shambles. Cases were backlogged, and lawyers were overworked, which led to an increase in distrust of attorneys. That iswhen James McArdle,…

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7 Characteristics of Great Court Reporters

Whether you’re hiring a court reporter or thinking of becoming one, there are qualities of a court reporter that make this profession unique. We might be the quietest person in a court proceeding but we’re also quite important. 7 Characteristics of Great Court Reporters Concentration. In this profession you must not allow outside distractions get…

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Court Reporters

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Court Reporters In the digital age of communication, we receive information in real-time across platforms like email, social media, and live streaming. While you may not realize it, court reporters are needed in legal, business, and everyday settings like community meetings. Our experienced reporters are trained to record what…

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How Trial Presentation Services Can Help You

How Trial Presentation Services Can Help You We have recently begun offering trial presentation services here at Constance Lee & Company. The addition of this service allows us to help make your case as strong as possible. Our staff of courtroom reporters prides itself on doing everything possible to assist you and your team. That…

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Why a Live Court Reporter is Important

Why a Live Court Reporter is Important With the technology available today, it seems like an obvious choice to take advantage of it. After all, it can save you money in the short-term. However, technology can sometimes be unreliable. That is why a live court reporter is important. Here at Constance Lee & Company, we…

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