Five Ways Your Court Reporter Is Killing Your Record – And How This Pittsburgh Reporting Service Can Help

1. Quality Pittsburgh Reporting Service

 If your Pittsburgh reporting service is sending you less than stunning transcripts, it’s time to move on.  There just is no excuse.

Quality is the first item on this list because it is the number one demand attorneys have of their court reporters. It is also the biggest complaint firm owners have about their own reporters.

The reasons why reporters aren’t turning in exemplary work are too numerous to mention.  With all of the tools court reporters have at their disposal in this day and age, the ability to turn out a quality product should be their number one priority.

2. Not Interrupting

I know, I know, no attorney appreciates being told to slow down or being asked to have the witness not to talk over them, but you should.

Your court reporter, skilled as she/he is, can only take one person at a time.  While attending court reporting school, not one of us has had even one class on taking two people who are speaking simultaneously.

It is imperative that we guard YOUR record.  We are helping you protect your case.  Else, all the hours you’ve spent preparing and strategizing are lost.

3. Not Being Able to Read Back

Court reporters call it being “burned.”  Please understand there is a stark difference between your reporter not being able to read back the disastrous objection exchange that just went on, and when they repeatedly cannot read back simple testimony.

If a court reporting company has instructed the reporter to announce something to the effect of “in order to accurately reflect your words, I must rewind the audio,” take that announcement as a major red flag and run for the hills.

4. Not Using Audio Backup

In the former days of reporting, using a tape recorder at a deposition was enough to shame even the best court reporters.  To be clear, a Pittsburgh reporting service should NEVER rely on their audio to produce the transcript.

Court reporters have the incredible ability to accurately take testimony in an amazingly wide array of subject matters, most of which are new to us. Sometimes, though, we aren’t perfect, and we need to hear that word just one more time to make sure what we wrote in our notes was accurate.  We are writing phonetically, after all – and love to be able to guarantee a perfect transcript.

5. Arriving Late

The old adage is:  If you’re not early, you’re late.  You’ve prepared for three days for this one witness, arrived stunningly early to the office to assure all of your exhibits are in order, begged your spouse or your sitter to come at the crack of dawn to get your kids off to school, all so that you could be focused when the deposition began…and then your reporter walks in five minutes before the start time on the notice.  How frustrating!

Then everyone is waiting for the reporter to get set up, collect business cards, put the names in the computer — taking up valuable time – especially when you have limited time to get an enormous amount of ground covered.  Late-arriving reporters cost your client money and cost you time, worry, and aggravation.

How We Combat These Record Breakers

If you’re looking for a perfect record from a business you can trust, Pittsburgh reporting service Constance Lee & Company is always ready to handle your transcripts.

We at Constance Lee & Company have a stringent quality control protocol that each and every transcript goes through before it is released to you. There’s a reason we can call ourselves a top Pittsburgh court reporter.  We get it right the first time, every time.  The proof is in our numbers.  In 2016, the number of errata sheets that were returned to us with corrections was 9.

Schedule with us today to get your transcripts with impressive accuracy, rather than a Pittsburgh reporting service who could break your record.

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