How Trial Presentation Services Can Help You

How Trial Presentation Services Can Help You

We have recently begun offering trial presentation services here at Constance Lee & Company. The addition of this service allows us to help make your case as strong as possible. Our staff of courtroom reporters prides itself on doing everything possible to assist you and your team. That is why we urge you to consider this service for your practice.

What are Trial Presentations?

Trial presentations are a compilation of all exhibits, depositions, graphics, videos, and other content that you will use during a trial. With the use of PowerPoint and a trial presentation database, we can help make your courtroom experience run smoothly.

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Presentations aren’t new to the courtroom. The first trial presentation was released and used in 1996. TrialDirector and Sanction still dominate the market today.

These programs allow you and your team to access different court records and documents at the press of a button. Just type a shortcut into a computer, and there you have it!

How Can They Help Me?

Unfortunately, only 20% of attorneys were taking advantage of this fantastic technology as of 2010. This figure is mainly due to the hassle that comes with setting up the presentation. That’s where we come in.

We are Pittsburgh court reporters that will compile all your trial documents into a presentation that best suits your needs. All you’ll have to do is press a few simple buttons. You’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips!

There are a variety of programs that will fit your specific technological needs. If your practice runs on PCs, don’t worry. There are plenty of programs available to you. The same goes for Mac. If you prefer the lightweight and portable nature of the iPad, then you’re in luck. Recent technology allows presentation programs to be loaded onto that device as well.

Do Trial Presentation Services Work?

As you must know, navigating the courtroom is not an exact science. However, specific tools have proven to be more effective in different cases. It is essential that you select the trial services that best fit you and your clients’ needs. Remember, we are here to help you.

Trial presentations have proven useful in a variety of situations. Here are a couple of testimonies:

  • Las Vegas Clark District Judge Rob Bare awarded Richard Suen $1 million in trial costs. These costs came from a variety of technologies used during the trial. While controversial, the judge said this about his award:

“I think members of a jury…are going to respect a more high-tech approach than wading through piles of paper…I think they will connect with it.”

  • Robert Dean, a Virginia lawyer, praises TrialPad. It is a presentation app for iPad. He loves the technology because he can enhance and zoom in on exhibits while in the courtroom. He can even annotate on the projector, helping the jury visualize his point better. (ABA Journal)

If you’re looking to enhance the “show” part of your practice, let us help you. Constance Lee & Company can help make your presentation relatable to the jury, increasing your chances of success. Contact us today!

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