Remote Depositions

We are excited to announce we’re now offering remote depositions!

Caught in the snow on deposition day? Witness lives across the state? Talented and experienced court reporter can’t get to your office? No problem! Mobile depositions allow legal teams to work together remotely. Attorneys can stay in their office while the court reporter and witness video live stream via Wi-Fi and video camera. That means we’re now able to serve clients across the country via remote depositions!

What are the benefits of remote depositions?

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In addition to being able to work with the most experienced reporters in any city, we’re able to provide another service to our clients. No longer is it necessary to pay travel expenses when we can bring the deposition right to you! That means we’re also saving time and delivering transcripts to you faster.

How does it impact scheduling?

The nationwide court reporter shortage means that as an industry we’re faced with the challenge of utilizing a reporter who may not be as familiar with your type of case as another reporter. That’s frustrating for us to not deliver the best person, for the reporter who may not be familiar with this particular industry and is forced to work slower than they’d like, and for your client who just wants their case settled. Mobile court reporting solves a huge problem for everyone.

Because we’ve now grown from the Pittsburgh are to reach a nationwide network of reporters, we’re able to schedule your deposition sooner and with the most experienced reporter we can find to work on your case. And it’s all because of technology.

How simple is it to utilize remote depositions services?

Technology has advanced to the point that a link is sent to participants in advance. Everyone knows what time and where they need to be. The attorney needs to provide exhibits for the reporter to show to the witness; they may also be provided to the deponent’s counsel. When we work together, we can serve and deliver to all of our clients more efficiently.

Interested in remote depositions?

Just call Constance Lee and Company! We’re ready to help your clients, no matter where they are.


Pittsburgh’s Constance Lee & Company Debuts Mobile Deposition Capability

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