Scheduling Guide from Top Pittsburgh Court Reporters

Scheduling Guide from Top Pittsburgh Court Reporters

You’re going to trial next week, so of course you ask for the transcript expedited.

Wait. What? What do you mean I can’t have it until Monday? I need it tomorrow!

Oftentimes, these heartbreaking scenarios could have been avoided at the time of scheduling. Top Pittsburgh court reporters Constance Lee & Company have created their very own Top 5 Items For Scheduling list, to help you ensure that your next transcript is done exactly when you need it to be.

  1. Date, time and location of deposition
  2. Notice of deposition and/or the complaint
  3. Any special services requested; i.e., realtime, videotaping, rough draft requests
  4. Anticipated delivery schedule
  5. Special terms or names; or the Holy Grail, the expert’s report

We really do love to serve you and view ourselves as your partners in litigation. We want to see you succeed. For each one of the above items listed, we are able to carefully match the court reporter and videographer suited for your demands. Preparation is key. The work that is put in on the front end creates a more satisfying experience for all parties involved and takes some of the stress and surprise out of the situation.

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