Women In Law

Today, Constance Lee & Company is highlighting women in law – specifically in the Pittsburgh area –  and how they are positively making a difference in the lives of others and influencing the law community here in Pittsburgh. As we strive to provide the best services for our clients, see how these women featured below are working wonders in their field.

women in law

Roslyn M. Litman:

In the history of Allegheny County, there were less than 100 female lawyers when Roslyn Litman received her degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1952. Roslyn was known for a case in the mid-1960’s when she and her husband worked together to represent basketball star Connie Hawkins, who at the time was banned from playing in the NBA because of his alleged participation in a gambling scheme. Utilizing a number of different strategies, Roslyn, and David, her husband, succeeded and won the case against the NBA allowing Connie Hawkins to play in the NBA for many years. Throughout Roslyn’s career, she was able to secure several hundred million dollars in settlements representing her clients.

Women in Law

Lisa Marie Vari:

Lisa Marie Vari is a divorce lawyer in Pittsburgh that focuses primarily on family law. With over 25 years of experience, Vari has represented over 2,000 clients. Her desire to help families has provided an increased focus on issues involving children which includes child custody, grandparents rights, paternity, adoption, third-party reproduction cases involving the use of donated eggs, sperm or embryos and, on occasion, surrogates to assist an individual couple to become parents. In 2014, PA Super Lawyer Magazine named Vari as a top-rated family law attorney in Pittsburgh, PA. She is also a certified CPR Instructor for adults and children. Her passion for families is evident in the news articles we read, the education she has obtained, and the works she does on a daily basis.

Women in Law

Constance Lee:

Connie Lee has served in the court reporting profession for over 30 years. She has provided services which include transcript production, videography, trial presentation services, customer service, scheduling, and most importantly, court reporting. Lee has also provided specialty services including instant speech to text translation benefiting the deaf, hard of hearing, and late-deafened adult community. In the past, Lee has also offered sports captioning services for a certain Pittsburgh hockey team, which were displayed on television during the games.

As you can see, these women have had a tremendous impact in the communities of which they serve. If you are in need of court reporting services, we encourage you to contact us. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust us and the services we provide. Click here to visit our contact page.

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