Video Depositions Pittsburgh

The Importance of Video in Depositions

At Constance Lee & Company, we pride ourselves on being some of Pittsburgh’s top court reporters. But we didn’t earn that spot because we got lucky – we got there because we offer excellent work and services that go above and beyond the average court reporting company.

One such service we offer is videography – the importance of which has been widely underestimated in the past. Video has been around for decades, yet it took so long for attorneys and court reporters to start utilizing such a helpful resource. However, the use of video is finally becoming lot more commonplace. While everyone is hopping on the video bandwagon, it’s important to understand how you can use it to your benefit. Here’s why videotaping your depositions can you give you just the edge you need when representing your next client:


The Jury

Sometimes the written word of a witness’ testimony is enough to convince a jury. But the power of video can show true emotion and the tone in a person’s voice, which has the power to make a witness seem credible or untrustworthy; honest or deceitful; interested or bored, etc. Depicting these qualities through video could easily sway the jury in your favor.


Pre-Trial Analyzation

Video gives you the ability to analyze and understand the behavior of the witnesses and how they respond to questioning. In addition, you can see how the opposing side questions witnesses and pick apart what techniques they might be using. Knowing your witnesses and the opposition on this level could give you the upper hand in front of the judge.


Off The Record

While the court reporter is instructed not to transcribe any “off the record” proceedings, video never stops rolling. Any strange directions from attorney to witness will be recorded, as well as any other odd or underhanded methods used by the opposing side. Having those behaviors on video could prove to be very useful during trial, especially when they are typically absent from transcripts.

Video Depositions Pittsburgh

Since we employ court reporters and videographers, Constance Lee & Company allows you to hire both from the same great business, making the process a little easier. While hiring a videographer for your depositions adds a little to the final cost, the results could be priceless in the long run.

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