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The Importance of Digital Trial Presentations

Recently, we talked about the importance of videography in trials and how it can help sway the jury in numerous different ways. Along the same lines, other forms of technology are becoming more widely available for use in courtrooms around the country. Utilizing those tools can easily make your case stand apart from your opponent, so it’s important to learn the benefits of the technology available.

Presenting your case via a digital presentation is one of the most effective new methods seen in courtrooms today. Depending on the equipment available, these presentations could contain pictures, videos, or audio clips – all elements that could help you achieve the desired effect on the jury.

The Benefits

Pittsburgh Litigation ServicesInstead of having to pull up each document or exhibit individually or out of order, you can make sure that each piece of evidence is organized into a carefully planned presentation. This way, your documents are ready to go when you need them. Having audio clips or pictures in your presentation also allows you ensure the quality of the content, eliminating the chances of grainy photos or unclear audio. As an added benefit, having any sort of audio clip or parts of the transcript from witness testimonies included in your presentation is a nice backup in case you might need to impeach a witness testimony. You could also use presentations as a way to include videos of expert testimony from witnesses that may be out of state or far away. Synced with transcripts, these videos can be really impactful on the jury.

Pittsburgh Litigation Services 

Make sure to consider meeting with or hiring a trial technician that can walk you through the equipment available in each specific courtroom and teach you how to use it. Knowing how to use the equipment to its full capacity will allow for a smooth and effective presentation. Hiring a trial technician will also allow for some peace of mind, since you’ll be able to find out exactly which tools you’ll have to work with, instead of being caught off guard on the day of the trial.

Fortunately, Constance Lee & Company offers Pittsburgh litigation services, court reporting and videography. We can assist you from pre-trial, through trial prep, all the way to verdict.

Because swaying the jury in your favor is always your top priority, it is overwhelmingly important to be able to understand and use technology in the most effective way possible. Learning how to put together a seamless digital trial presentation could mean the difference between a guilty or not guilty verdict.

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