Why Now is the Time for Setting Goals

Did you know that many as 80% of new year’s resolutions fail? We’re wondering if it’s because of the type of goals we’re making or if it’s the time of year we’re making them. We make these promises to ourselves (and to others) at the end of a hectic holiday season, at the beginning of a new year when we’re not sure what’s on the horizon. That seems like it’s not optimal. In fact, we think mid year is the best time for setting goals.

Measure progress. Whether you’re setting or resetting goals, take time to review what you wanted to accomplish back in January. You might be surprised to find you’re farther along than you thought. If you wanted to lose weight, maybe you’re seeing non-scale victories like a pair of pants fitting better. If it’s an income goal, maybe you have new clients or prospects. Whatever it is, measure progress.

Adjust goals. We find that after we review the goals we set in January we either make a plan to meet the goal within a certain timeline or we abandon it in favor of a goal that suits us or our court reporting business better. Maybe losing weight isn’t your goal but being more active is. Maybe you want better quality clients instead of more income. The choice is up to you. Adjust as needed or desired.

Acknowledge milestones. Why do some of us fail at our new year’s resolutions? We think it’s because we set huge goals but forget to set milestones along the way. Without acknowledging the small steps we’re left feeling undefeated and often give up before reaching our goal. Our advice is to set the big goal AND the small milestones along the way.

For example, if you want to make a certain level of income, how much do you need to make each month or each week to meet your goal? How many hours of work do you need to make that goal? How close are you to your milestone and goals? What do you need to do to get there? No more looking back. It’s time to look forward when it comes to setting goals. 

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