Fairly Priced Court Reporting Constance Lee & Company

Fairly Priced Court Reporting: Constance Lee & Company

Problem, Inequitable Pricing

The turmoil has been evident for quite some time now, yet so few broach the subject: There is a disparity in prices for court reporting and video services.

Attorneys on the non-noticing side complain because they’ve come to find out that the noticing attorney’s bill is much lower than theirs. Plaintiff attorneys are complaining because they’ve come to find out that the insurance company that the defense represents has a contract with the court reporting firm for discounted rates.

The court reporters are upset because national reporting firms keep lowering the reporters’ rates in order to secure said contracts. The same court reporters are insecure and perturbed because they’re losing lifelong clients to the national firms because they’re unable or unwilling to contract with the insurance companies.

When the national firm finds a reporter to take the work, the non-noticing attorney is angry with the reporter because the court reporting firm they are representing has cut a deal with the opposing counsel or opposing counsel’s client and gets scolded; meanwhile, the reporter has NO IDEA what any of the attorneys are being charged and only knows what they’re being paid. Round and round it goes!

Our Solution, Flat-Rate Pricing

Constance Lee & Company has come up with a solution that is so simple, yet so brilliant, that it’s like a purple cow:  It’s uncomplicated and stunning at the same time. Ready for it?

WE CHARGE THE SAME RATES TO ALL OF OUR CLIENTS.  Yep, just like that. All of our clients enjoy flat rate per-page billing for their region. If you’re from out of town and you’ve come to Pittsburgh for a deposition, you pay the flat rate for Pittsburgh. The only time you pay extra is for our à la carte services, like realtime, rough drafts, expedited, etc., and everyone is charged the same for those as well.

Crazy; isn’t it?

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