Why Does a Career in Court Reporting Make Sense?

All too often we hear from people that they thought court reporting was a dying occupation but nothing could be further from the truth! As technology advances, more opportunities are created both inside and outside the legal field utilizing court reporter training, skills, and expertise.

If you’re thinking about a new career, consider court reporting because it just makes sense.

The average age of reporters is currently 53 years old compared to a decade younger for the average American worker. That means more than 5,000 reporters are retiring in the next five years opening opportunities for new people to enter the field. In addition to filling the gap, the profession is growing and there’s relatively easy entry.

The transition from your current position could be fairly simple. Training is typically 24-36 months and when you’re certified you can immediately begin earning income. The nationwide average income for a court reporter is $45,000 and with experience can exceed $100,000!

If you think you’ll just be working with attorneys, think again.

While many reporters are found in a legal setting working in a courtroom or with attorneys, there are a growing number of opportunities outside the legal field. Press conferences, political events, professional sporting events, and businesses are requesting professionals with closed captioning experience. There’s also pending legislation requiring closed captioning in all schools which opens a whole new area for reporters to utilize their expertise.

Are you bored with your current job? Consider this growing and exciting field where you will meet people from different walks of life. Whether you’re working on court cases, in schools, or with businesses, you will constantly be learning.

If you’re interested in a life outside corporate America where you can make you own hours, consider this profession. Many reporters work as freelancers, setting their own hours and income to create the life they desire whether that’s raising a family or traveling the world.

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