Breaking Chains

For Americans, the month of July is when we celebrate our country and, more importantly, our freedom. Colorful fireworks, tasty barbecues, and fun family gatherings throughout this month remind us to be grateful for our freedom – which we hold as an inalienable right. As unimaginable as it may seem, there are many people throughout the world – men, women, girls, and boys – that have had their freedom stolen from them by the perils of human trafficking.

Luckily, there are groups and organizations that strive to help those affected by human trafficking. The Breaking Chains Network is one such organization, and one that we at Constance Lee & Company strongly align ourselves with.

Breaking Chains is an American group based in  Belgium and works every day to bring hope to victims that are in the throes of human trafficking and those trying to break free. They offer services such as counseling, job skills training, medical and legal help, free meals, and even language classes. The volunteers at Breaking Chains aim to bring these people back to a sense of normality, with the help of the organization and, most importantly, through God.

Their mission has struck such a chord with Connie that she has been on multiple mission trips and donates monthly to help their cause and help reach out to the people that have been suffering because of this dangerous practice. Working with Breaking Chains over in Belgium, Connie was able to see the effects of human trafficking firsthand. Those experiences were more than enough to light a fire in her heart for this cause, which is why she wants to help The Breaking Chains Network any chance she gets.

Allegheny County court reporters Constance Lee & Company actively supports the Breaking Chains Network and their mission. To learn more, donate, or even volunteer, visit We even provide a link to donate from our homepage at Simply click “Breaking Chains,” and then “Learn More.”

As we go through July celebrating our freedom, we hope you’ll remember those that are trapped and consider donating to this amazing organization. Every little bit helps. With some hard work, compassion, and a lot of faith, change is possible. As the Breaking Chains website says, “Let’s stop reading statistics, and start changing them.”

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