A Peak Behind the Court Reporting Methods In the Technology Age

Lawyers Journal Constance Lee

By Constance Lee The idea that technology spells the end of the court reporting industry is a common sentiment in this day and age. That sentiment is rooted in misunderstanding. The court reporting profession is evolving, and technology is become a bigger part of the industry. Many attorneys are familiar with the court reporting end…

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Pittsburgh Trial Technician Services

Pittsburgh Litigation Services

The Importance of Digital Trial Presentations Recently, we talked about the importance of videography in trials and how it can help sway the jury in numerous different ways. Along the same lines, other forms of technology are becoming more widely available for use in courtrooms around the country. Utilizing those tools can easily make your…

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Walk the Walk by Constance Lee

In April 2018 I was a presenter at the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association annual meeting where my topic of discussion was running a debt-free business.  One of the key points I stressed to the attendees is that you must prepare for the worst; you must be ready when life shifts because it will shift.  Shift…

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