Trial Presentations

Trial Presentations

Trial Presentations

Constance Lee & Company is here to serve your trial presentation needs.  We are excited to partner with you in an effort to maximize your ability to smoothly conduct your trial.  Being in front of a jury is a dynamic experience, ever changing with the ebb and flow of testimony.  Your ability to concentrate on the match should be your main focus.


How We Can Help

Constance Lee & Company will create the trial database utilizing the materials you have deemed most important to win your case.  Our trial technician will manage the creation and formatting of the trial database, including all document, deposition and video conversions.  During the trial, you will work side by side with our hot seat operator who will run the presentation software and make any real-time changes or additions to the database.

Our trial technician will conduct a pretrial dry run with you so that you are at ease and have the confidence to present a polished case.  This will allow you to bob and weave whether your opponent is a fringe contender or a mauler.

We take care of every detail, from the setup of equipment, composing the database, running the equipment, and then tear down and removal of all equipment.


How You Can Help

While our trial technician is skillful in databases and presentations, they do not know your case like you do.  To that end, it is imperative for our office to be in regularly scheduled contact with you and your team to gather all documents, videos, and demonstratives as early as possible in the process of creation of the database.  A great deal of these items need to be edited and cataloged, which is very time-consuming.  Supplying us with everything you’ll need to present as early as possible saves time, which cuts costs for you, and also keeps everyone’s stress levels lower.

Is it time to go toe-to-toe?  We’re here to help.