Court Reporting

Court Reporting

Court Reporting

Our court reporters possess the amazing ability to transform the spoken word to text using stenographic shorthand.  Each has had extensive training in speed building and accuracy, coupled with research and language skills. The professionals in our company are required to maintain continuing education credits. All of our collective education and experience ensures you have the most accurate record possible.


Realtime is the INSTANT translation and display of your proceedings. Your realtime reporter is able to write at a translation rate of 98% accuracy or better. Our realtime reporters provide iPads so you can highlight and annotate the testimony for future reference or immediate impeachment.


Same-day delivery of a usable electronic version of a transcript which has not been proofread. This version will need final corrections and spellings. Attorneys utilize roughs for motions, briefs and preparing for the next depositions, when the ability to strategize is paramount.


Let’s set the record straight; preparation is key.  You’ve prepared diligently for this deposition; you need your court reporter to do the same.  Our reporters are highly skilled and nationally certified writers.  We treat your case with the highest ethical standards and the same care as you.  Our transcripts go through a stringent quality assurance process.  We get it right.

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With over 30 years in the industry, you can be assured we’re likely familiar with the subject matter.  If it is new to our ears, our reporters have also been trained how to prepare specifically for your deposition.  We do the work on the front end, BEFORE the deposition starts, so that you can have your transcript when you need it ‐ faster.


Arbitrations take on many forms.  Our team of professionals has handled more than one high‐profile arbitration, turnaround times including end‐of‐day roughs and overnight finals.  We’re here for one purpose, and that’s to serve you.  Whatever you need, we get it done.