What to Expect From A Court Reporter – And How Constance Lee & Company Exceeds Those Expectations

What to Expect From A Court Reporter

Here’s what you should know:

Court reporters around the world don’t usually have access to all of the same resources. In the Pittsburgh area alone, there are numerous different court reporting firms that want your business –  but with vast differences in resources and skillsets, you could find yourself in a potentially awful situation. To better serve your needs, Constance Lee & Company analyzes how our specific court reporting firm can pick up the slack, and really blow your expectations out of the water.

A few points to consider:

  • A court reporter’s skill and knowledge of technology can help you win or lose a case.
  • Court reporters do not have all of the same skill sets.
  • Court reporters do not have access to all of the same resources.

Keeping these points in mind, it’s easy to understand why choosing a court reporter can be a stressful decision. Fortunately, Constance Lee & Company has 25 years of experience and a skilled team that cares about you and your success.

What Constance Lee & Company Does Differently:

At Constance Lee & Company, we want to provide the most effective, efficient, and easy to use service as your court reporter. That’s why we offer services that most other firms simply don’t have the time to perform.

  1. We run three quality checks on all of our transcripts. Yes, you read that correctly, three quality checks. We send the transcript to a proofreader, spellcheck the transcript in Case CATalyst, and then finally run it through an application called Grammarly. Grammarly catches spelling and grammar errors that most other spellcheck programs won’t catch.
  2. Our transcripts go out either on time or early.
  3. We personally print and bind any hard copies of transcripts our clients
  4. We hand-deliver hard copies of transcripts to any of our clients located in downtown Pittsburgh.

Above all, we pride ourselves the most on the relationships we build with our clients. We strive to be the sidekick to your superhero; always there to straighten out your cape or pull around the getaway car. We strive to exceed your expectations every single day.

Have faith in our 25 years of experience, and head on over to our scheduling page! Or, contact us today to learn more about our services how we can help you with any and all of your court reporting needs.

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