Trial Presentation Software

Trial Presentation SoftwareEffectively Organize & Analyze Your Case Data

Trial Presentation Software

As attorneys are learning the ins and outs of digital trial presentations and how to use them efficiently, the technology available is quickly adapting and updating in order to keep up with the demands. LexisNexis, a litigation solution company in California, offers a suite of applications called CaseMap that can help attorneys organize, annotate, and access all of their case-related documents and files. What’s great about these apps is that you can download them onto your phone, tablet, and computer in order to have access to your files wherever you are. Changes you make on your tablet will be available on your computer and phone, and vice versa.


One of the most commonly used applications in the CaseMap suite is TextMap, which lets you upload and annotate your transcripts – allowing you to manage and analyze all of your case data in one location. You can also search across all of your documents for phrases, names, etc. This software enables you to really embellish your trial presentations with all of the information needed to persuade the jury in your favor. Synchronize video, link exhibits, and index your files across all of your devices. While this application is certainly convenient and practical, there can be a learning curve when first starting in the program.

Fortunately, Constance Lee & Company offers TextMap and exhibit hyperlinking as two of a long list of services provided, assisting you all the way from pretrial to verdict. Call or email us today to learn more about our TextMap capabilities.

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