Why Small Firms Offer Big Advantages

Small Court Reporting Firms

Why Small Court Reporting Firms Offer Big Advantages

In 2014, a study from the National Court Reporters Association predicted that by 2018, over 5,500 new court reporting jobs would be available throughout the country. The study also determined that the demand for court reporters would far exceed the supply, as enrollment in court reporting schools continues to fall. We are already starting to see some of the effects of this shortage as big corporate court reporting businesses take on more and more clients, trying to compensate for the shortage while also attempting to grow their company. While these companies are constantly vying for your attention and business, how can you, the attorneys, ensure that you are putting your court reporting work in the best hands? The answer is small businesses.


Small businesses are the key to making sure your work is done efficiently and accurately, at fair prices, by the most qualified and talented people in the area. Constance Lee & Company is a small firm of Pittsburgh court reporters that offers a wide variety of court reporting work and services, carried out by some of the best people in the business. And while court reporting makes up a large portion of how we define ourselves, what we truly pride ourselves on is being a successful and talented small business.


Here are a few more reasons why it is exceedingly beneficial to trust your work to a small business like Constance Lee & Company:


  1. Attention to Detail
    We at Constance Lee & Company pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work. We take the time to personally check each and every transcript to make absolutely sure there are no errors or misprints. Bigger corporations are so inundated with clients that they simply don’t have the time to make sure their transcripts are as accurate as ours.
  2. Personal Touch
    As a small business, we have the advantage of getting to know each of our clients on a personal level, to better understand their needs and preferences. You won’t be just another attorney among a sea of others. Instead, you’ll be Greg or Sara, from Wexford or Mt Lebanon, that loves dogs or goes to Cook Forest every summer. When we take on a client, not only do we make sure that the work we provide is pristine, but we also like to add that personal touch that shows how much we truly appreciate their business.  While the larger court reporting firms are scrambling to conquer the world and serve themselves, we’re serving you.
  3. Quality Control
    Running a small business allows us to hand-pick each member of our team, instead of just hiring bodies to fill out an office. We hire only the most dedicated and talented people to carry out our business, and that talent can’t help but shine through in our work.

At the end of the day, small businesses like ours know what it takes to make sure each client receives extraordinary work from the most talented people that go above and beyond what is expected. Being small isn’t a hindrance, it’s an asset. Give your work to a small business, and you’ll see firsthand just how big small can be.

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