Welcome Our Newest Team Member Erin

Last week, Constance Lee & Company welcomed a new full-time employee to the team! Erin Lee will be joining the crew as our Marketing and Operations Manager. She will be responsible for taking care of day-to-day office procedures and scheduling for our beautiful new Pittsburgh office, while also coordinating the company’s marketing strategies and running advertising promotions.

Erin comes to us from Cleveland, Ohio (don’t worry, she’s a Steelers fan) where she grew up right outside of the city and attended college at Kent State University. She majored in Advertising and graduated with a Bachelors of Science. After graduating, she quickly realized that she wanted her next big adventure to be moving to Pittsburgh! Erin loves the downtown area and can’t wait for the weather to be warmer, so she can enjoy lunch down by the river at Point State Park. She’s also excited to attend more Pittsburgh sporting events; being a lifelong Steelers fan and all.

During her time at Kent State, she discovered a love of all things advertising; from ideation to execution. Erin enjoys picking apart every part of the process to find the best solutions for each specific client. Organization and an acute attention to detail are two qualities Erin is the proudest of, which will surely come in handy amongst the fast-paced world of court reporting. She also enjoys reading, cooking (but mostly eating), millennial pink, La Croix (tangerine flavor), and making obscure references to The Office.

Erin is really excited to take on Pittsburgh, this new position, and all of the challenges that will pop up along the way. Feel free to visit our about page to learn more or stop by our office and introduce yourself – Erin would love to meet you!

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