Court Reporter Social Media Tips

As court reporters we’re privy to information about people, places, and events that may not be available to the public. It is our role to keep what we learn private. We’re professionals. When it comes to social media for court reporters, it can be tempting to mention a client or a case but we need to refrain. It can harm the outcome of the case and more personally, it can harm your professional career. Not only that but we want a positive spin on social media instead of the negative we see all too often.

That’s why we recommend using your social media communities to share the benefits of court reporting to attract new people to the field.

Court Reporter Social Media Tips

Because the work we do is highly confidential, we recommend having separate personal and professional social media profiles. Connect with friends and family on the personal account and with colleagues and clients on the professional one. That way you’ll avoid any awkward situations like your client seeing an unflattering photo of the good ol’ college days.

We’d even take it one step further.

Make it a rule to not talk about anything case-related on any social media. It can be tempting to mention a situation with a client or a witness, even on your personal page, but we recommend not doing that. You never know who might see your update or share it with someone else. You’ve worked too hard to have this harm to your career.

That doesn’t mean you can’t mention your profession on social media.

Communicate the benefits.

Let’s take advantage of the smaller world we live in and use social media in a positive way.

As an industry we need to communicate the benefits of being a court reporter as well as the opportunities resulting from the impending court reporter shortage. There is great opportunity to educate and attract new people to our field.

  • Facebook – Share news about the industry to personal and professional contacts. If someone is looking for a new career, offer to talk to them about your experience. They may not know you can work as a freelance court reporter from the comfort of your own home office!
  • LinkedIn – Write and publish articles, share industry news, and join groups for job seekers to educate and encourage people to explore this field.
  • Personal Branding – Create a personal brand for yourself as a leader in your field using a combination of social media and blogging to spread the word about the benefits and growth of our industry.

By expanding your social media presence, you’re helping the industry educate and attract new people. We’re excited to be part of this growing field and look forward to working with you!

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