What can you do about the court reporter shortage?

Court Reporter Shortage

Ducker Worldwide released a report on the industry that included news of an impending court reporter shortage. While we knew some parts of the country were experiencing challenges when it came to finding qualified reporters, we didn’t truly understand how big the problem is until we saw the report.

It is estimated that by the end of this year there will be a shortage of more than 5,000 reporters nationwide, including 40 in Pennsylvania. (Source) Coupled with the fact that there is only one court reporting program accepting student in the state (NCRA), and it’s not exactly good news for our industry long-term. What can you do about the court reporter shortage?

Share Your Experience

According to the Ducker report, court reporters are an average of 10 years older than the average American worker, 53 vs. 43 years old. That means more of us are retiring and without programs adding new students, we’re already seeing a shortage of qualified reporters especially in rural counties. The good news is that we have experienced reporters like you who can share your experience to attract new reporters to the field.

Whether it’s sharing blog posts like this one, spreading the word on professional social media sites like LinkedIn, or telling your story to local media, it’s important we tell the world this is an exciting and growing profession.

Outside the Courtroom

We often meet people who assume court reporters are only found in the legal field. We’re here to tell you that we work outside the courtroom in a growing number of fields including business, politics, professional sports, and private communities. There’s a growing need for real-time court reporting and transcription of webinars and video. And that’s in addition to courtrooms and depositions. You can start to see why we’re experiencing a court reporter shortage!

Benefits of Court Reporting

If you’re thinking about a new career, we ask you to consider court reporting. It’s not for everyone but if you’re dedicated, focused, and ready to learn, it could be a great choice! Other benefits include that a four-year degree isn’t a requirement, earning potential right out of school is an average of $40,000 nationwide with increases in the six-figures with experience, and you can work as a freelance court reporter making your own hours.

If that sounds like a career that interests you, we’d love to talk to you!

Remember to call us for your next Pittsburgh deposition. We’ve got the experienced reporters to fit your legal team.

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