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Court Reporter Social Media Tips

As court reporters we’re privy to information about people, places, and events that may not be available to the public. It is our role to keep what we learn private. We’re professionals. When it comes to social media for court reporters, it can be tempting to mention a client or a case but we need…
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Why Communication Matters To Bridge the Court Reporter Shortage

Why Communication Matters To Bridge the Court Reporter Shortage The benefits of court reporting seem to outweigh those of other professions yet we're close to having a court reporter shortage. We think it boils down to communication about the industry. Court reporting doesn’t require a degree. New reporters can enter the field with a starting…
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Fairly Priced Court Reporting Constance Lee & Company

Fairly Priced Court Reporting: Constance Lee & Company Problem, Inequitable Pricing The turmoil has been evident for quite some time now, yet so few broach the subject: There is a disparity in prices for court reporting and video services. Attorneys on the non-noticing side complain because they've come to find out that the noticing attorney's…
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