Fairly Priced Court Reporting Constance Lee & Company

Fairly Priced Court Reporting: Constance Lee & Company Problem, Inequitable Pricing The turmoil has been evident for quite some time now, yet so few broach the subject: There is a disparity in prices for court reporting and video services. Attorneys on the non-noticing side complain because they've come to find out that the noticing attorney's…
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Scheduling Guide from Top Pittsburgh Court Reporters

Scheduling Guide from Top Pittsburgh Court Reporters You're going to trial next week, so of course you ask for the transcript expedited. Wait. What? What do you mean I can't have it until Monday? I need it tomorrow! Oftentimes, these heartbreaking scenarios could have been avoided at the time of scheduling. Top Pittsburgh court reporters…
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Rules of Etiquette When Working with Court Reporters

Working with Court Reporters Court reporters are a valuable part of the legal process. Often the quietest person in the room, they are perhaps the most important as they record testimony, take depositions, and make sure the record accurately reflects proceedings. It could be the difference in the outcome of the case. Sadly, they are…
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