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Court Reporter Guide to Working from Home

Working from home as a court reporter may seem like the ideal job, at least to your friends and family, but there are choices to be made every day. Household chores, phone calls, and pets can get in the way of your productivity. Establishing space and time to work are keys to success. Establish Workspace…
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Court Reporter Contracting: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As the consolidation of the court reporting business continues in full force, the competitive landscape of the deposition market is getting more intense by the season.  Court reporters get their business from a myriad of sources.  Word of mouth, paralegal and lawyer events, and online marketing all contribute to how the typical court reporting agencies…
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Shorthand: The Long and the Short of It

In an era of increasing litigation, a polarized political climate, and more televised content than ever before, the demand for verbatim transcript and closed captioning services is at an all-time high. This means shorthand reporting is actually more relevant than ever. Below, we’ve listed a few of the reasons why shorthand is still critical today,…
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