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Court Reporter Quality Control 101

One of my court reporting nightmares is getting back an errata sheet and seeing that the witness has simply corrected typos.  “But I read that transcript!” you might say.   Everyone can make mistakes or miss the obvious, as we know, so the following are the extra measures that I personally utilize to provide court reporter…
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7 Qualities of a Court Reporter

Whether you’re hiring a court reporter or thinking of becoming one, there are qualities of a court reporter that make this profession unique. We might be the quietest person in a court proceeding but we’re also quite important. Qualities of a Court Reporter Concentration. In this profession you must not allow outside distractions get in…
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Breaking Chains

For Americans, the month of July is when we celebrate our country and, more importantly, our freedom. Colorful fireworks, tasty barbecues, and fun family gatherings throughout this month remind us to be grateful for our freedom - which we hold as an inalienable right. As unimaginable as it may seem, there are many people throughout…
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Court Reporter Social Media Tips

As court reporters we’re privy to information about people, places, and events that may not be available to the public. It is our role to keep what we learn private. We’re professionals. When it comes to social media for court reporters, it can be tempting to mention a client or a case but we need…
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