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Jury awards Little Leaguer $1.7M in suit against Pa. borough, athletic associations

Today, we share a news report from featuring a case where we provided trial presentation for our clients winning a $1.7 million dollar settlement against the borough and two athletic associations. Lean on our trial presentation and court reporting experience you can trust with Constance Lee & Company located in Pittsburgh, PA. [spacer] Jury awards…
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Court Reporter Videoconferencing and Why It Works

Court Reporter Videoconferencing Constance Lee & Company’s new location gives clients access to videoconferencing facilities and conference rooms all over the country, facilitating long-distance testimony that feel like the real thing. In an effort to gauge just how beneficial and user-friendly videoconferencing is to her clients, Connie sat down for an interview with David Bernardinelli…
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Trial Presentation Software

Effectively Organize & Analyze Your Case Data Trial Presentation Software As attorneys are learning the ins and outs of digital trial presentations and how to use them efficiently, the technology available is quickly adapting and updating in order to keep up with the demands. LexisNexis, a litigation solution company in California, offers a suite of…
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Pittsburgh Trial Technician Services

The Importance of Digital Trial Presentations Recently, we talked about the importance of videography in trials and how it can help sway the jury in numerous different ways. Along the same lines, other forms of technology are becoming more widely available for use in courtrooms around the country. Utilizing those tools can easily make your…
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