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Rules of Etiquette When Working with Court Reporters

Working with Court Reporters Court reporters are a valuable part of the legal process. Often the quietest person in the room, they are perhaps the most important as they record testimony, take depositions, and make sure the record accurately reflects proceedings. It could be the difference in the outcome of the case. Sadly, they are…
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Remote Depositions

We are excited to announce we’re now offering remote depositions! Caught in the snow on deposition day? Witness lives across the state? Talented and experienced court reporter can’t get to your office? No problem! Mobile depositions allow legal teams to work together remotely. Attorneys can stay in their office while the court reporter and witness video…
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What can you do about the court reporter shortage?

Court Reporter Shortage Ducker Worldwide released a report on the industry that included news of an impending court reporter shortage. While we knew some parts of the country were experiencing challenges when it came to finding qualified reporters, we didn’t truly understand how big the problem is until we saw the report. It is estimated…
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How to be a great court reporter?

How to be a great court reporter It seems like such a simple question. What makes a great court reporter? While we’re primarily in the legal field, we’re also in business, politics, professional sports, entertainment, and community. Our skills are far-reaching and the need for professionals with our training and expertise is growing. Professionalism Whether…
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